E. Gmackrr is a high skilled mouth feedback innovator who coaxes sharp textures from her hand made electronic instruments.

projects :

free improvisation sound/radio/performance/interactive art workshops installations sound sculptures multimedia theater spatial diffusions etc...

Reviews :

GMACKRR is from Tarbes and lives in Montreal. Fluorescent Friends sponsored her visa application and it still stands as probably the best move the company has ever made. As a composer and performer she has toured extensively in North America and Europe. She is the designer and builder of an analog synthesizer which is currently her principal performance instrument; she previously worked with toys and a big black thing called KORG. In Montreal she is equally recognized as a concert organizer, radio host, and carries the distinction of being the designer of the lovely fluorescent friends.org. Get your own private audience with GMACKRR. Fifteen unique performances cut directly to disc; you are purchasing the master, the recordings exist in no other form, digital or otherwise.
Fluorescent Friends - feb 2011

Vagina Bison is the Collaborative Project of Toronto's Andrew Zukerman (Gastric Female Reflex) and Montreal's Emilie Mouchous (Gmackrr). Just another fucked up slice of contemporary life: howling, screeching, toys uttering their final death cry, you know, it's what the kids are up to these days...unless you live in California or New Jersey or somehthing. Beautiful printing and cool velcro tab in the Beniffer Editions style, though this is actually the first release on Deirdre O'Sullivan's Pleasence label, though you'd be hard pressed to determine that from the packaging. This is intricate music for dismantling robots, but it's got a funky core similar to the best Gastric Female stuff. Apparently this was recorded over the last few years, but the tape just came out.
Cassette Gods - feb 2011

GMACKRR (fr/q) Douce bruiteuse & bendeuse de circuits multipliant divers projets solo ou en collaboration (avec Idm Theft Able, Alexandre St-Onge ou Andrew de Gastric Female Reflex...):audio-collages oniriques & hantés avec silences, voix, bricolages & accidents sonores, field recordings...
Jedrek Zagorski, Paris

SADE 107 – GMACKRR – Méditative – CDR Everybody in the Montréal circle knows the great person under the moniker of Gmackrr. Emilie Mouchous arrived from France in the Montreal streets a couple of years ago and she performed many fantastic and unique performances with a very great mixture of emotions and great sense of composition. Many of her performance are unique, sometimes with bended toys, laptop or analogue synth. On this long-awaited release on Brise-Cul, mme Mouchous go more on the melodic synth drone side. As the title suggests, Méditative is a collection of melodic analogue meditations to elevate you mind to. When you repeat listening over and over again you will end up being higher near nirvana!
Brise-cul records, Montreal

GMACKRR (FR / MTL) [ http://www.myspace.com/gmackrr ] Originaire de France, maintenant à Montréal, Gmackrr est un projet d'une seule dame qui sait se faire imposante. Des architectures vastes et fines, molles et pointues, ses compositions sont constamment en opposition avec elles-même, créant des tiraillements, des tensions et un rendu final poétique et confortable. Nécessairement à découvrir LIVE, malgré que son disque sur Brise Cul records soit tout aussi recommandable !
Le NonJazz, Paris

XFest 2010: Real Time Together
“Saturday evening Emilie Mouchous on electronics and Eric Dahlman on trumpet kicked off Saturday evening. Burgio also made a comeback with another mindful dance accompaniment, with video artist Greg Kowalski providing great, psychedelic visuals on a screen behind the stage. Dahlman sprung a spry lower-case, or minimalist performance that started out jarringly, with interrupted breathing sounding like someone choking on a snorkel underwater, yet pulled through— into some tight, effective blues-inflected fragments that mysteriously fit together. “
Gordon Marshall – march 2, 2010 – Allaboutjazz.com

"Sans Nuage is a collaboration between Montreal's Emilie Mouchous (aka Gmackrr) and Brandon Valdivia (the multi-limbed percussionist from Toronto, ON's Not the Wind Not the Flag). The eight pieces feature Valdivia's trademarked, rapid-fire, ramshackle percussion, alongside plucked and bowed strings, analog synthesizer and field recordings, courtesy of Mouchous. Crafted during a tour of France and Belgium, Sans Nuage includes scattershot percussive clusters, meandering string exercises and a few droning passages. Things really get exciting on the sixth track when Mouchous pits her squelching synthesizer against the thunderous blasts emanating from Valdivia. At this point, the players have reached a zenith and seem to have become a single entity. The closing piece, in which the players sound like they're beneath a bird-filled tree, emits a percussive melody that manages to be nuanced enough not to scare the birds away."
Bryon Hayes, Exclaim.ca - july 2010

“Ever-astonishing” Beniffer Editions, Toronto - 2007

Gmackrr & Andrea Jane-Cornell (Montreal) ”- - harvesting vestigial melody out of a harrowing electronic discrepancy, a duo of 4-cycle brush cutter and bird-feeder.” The Earth Ship, Toronto, november 2010-12-01

Vagina Bison

voice - amplified silences - korg MS10&20 - contact mics - touch-sensitive electronic instruments - analog synthesizer modules - birdcalls (real and electronic) - metal lampshades - Kraakdoos - mouth feedback - field recordings - fans and various motors - Roland SH101 - electronic fortune teller - animal sounds - cassettes - water - bouncing balls - hacked hearing aid devices - plastic guitar - handmade oscillators - toy drum machines - resonant objects - radios and walkie-talkies - analog guitar synths and modular pedals - Max/MSP - vibrators - telephone pickups - tuned glass bottles - hurdy-gurdy ....


Performances :

Transmodern festival 2009 (Baltimore), Bent Festival New York 2007 et 2008, Suoni per il Popolo 2007, Mutek 2008 et 2009, Le Placard headphones festival, Xfest improvisation festival (Lowell), Global Security Alliance Entertainment Test Lab, sessions d’improvisation York University Toronto, Sam Shalabi's Egyptian Light Orchestra, Improvising Montréal, Radio Libertaire (Paris), CKUT Radio (Mtl), Fluorescent Friends’ Cool Fest 2007 et 2008 et plein de salons, sous-sols, toits, bars, galeries d’art, lofts, magasins de disques, universités, cuisines, ateliers…