Available now : Emilie M. + AJ Cornell cassettes, Méditative cd 1 & 2 on Brise-cul, Vagina Bison cassette, Avant plans et bruits de fond cd, single-cuts on Fluorescent Friends

Gmackrr - Single-cuts : private performance on handmade synthesizer

I just got the !!! opportunity to cut-record 15x 6inches lathes live thanks to my friend and collaborator Blake Hargreaves from Fluorescent Friends Records. FF review here

They are all totally unique and contain 4 to 5 minutes of blip and textures generated with my handmade modular synthesizer. As the soundsource is quite pure, the grooves look beautiful !
Video of the recording process + handmade synth demo

Emilie Mou & Andrea-Jane Cornell - Moxi dudes C-30

Cassette - jan 2011

Andrea-Jane and I are pretty much New Englanders by now, and we decided to give tribute to our good friends from there.

Side AA : with Aaron Rosenblum (from living room listening sessions)
Side S : with ID M Theft Able (from a performance held at the Artel, Kingston, ON in late november 2010)

Vagina Bison - Saigna Bovin C-30 Cassette - sept 2010

"vagina bison is a band that i started in 2007 (or was it 2006?) with Montrealer Emilie M. as our own "wolf project" since it seems like most of the wolf bands that year were doing pretty well. when the name of the project switched from vagina wolf to vagina bison 20 minutes after its conception our hopes and dreams of making it big flew out the window and all we were left with was a ridiculously named project that only performed when one of us happened to be in the others city. it's been a long time since this duo was thought about, but it seems that with a couple of shows this week and this new cassette available this band may just have a chance. i hope 2011 is the year of bison bands. or not. the cassette contains all of our recordings that weren't terrible and meandering from the active period. that amounts to 30 minutes worth of primordial musical wonderment. recording will re-commence this week, so you can expect more from the older more mature people i'm pretty sure we've become."
Andrew Zukerman - sept 2010

Thanks a lot to Deirdre O'Sullivan and James Lindsay from Pleasance Records, Toronto !
Funny review and picture HERE
Show posters HERE

Emilie M Gmackrr & Andrea-Jane Cornell - Avant-plans et bruits de fond

CD-R and photocopied booklet - march 2010

Andrea-Jane and I first started to collaborate on air on CKUT Radio, which shortly led to recording dates...Avant-plans et bruits de fond is a collection of recordings involving found sounds, metal balls, found objects, analog synthesizers and processors as well as handmade electronics. Although we played together for Macaroni Marathon in Montreal last march, we're mostly a Maine-made live band, performing at the Frantasia Festival as well as the University of Maine in Farmington.
New Adventures in Sound Art (Toronto) featured our piece Miutes Tessituras in their DEEP WIRELESS Radio Art CD compilation (may 2010).

Gmackrr + Brandon Valdivia's Sans Nuage

CD-R and photocopied artwork - april 2010

"Sans Nuage is a collaboration between Montreal's Emilie M. (aka Gmackrr) and Brandon Valdivia (the multi-limbed percussionist from Toronto, ON's Not the Wind Not the Flag). The eight pieces feature Valdivia's trademarked, rapid-fire, ramshackle percussion, alongside plucked and bowed strings, analog synthesizer and field recordings, courtesy of Mouchous. Crafted during a tour of France and Belgium, Sans Nuage includes scattershot percussive clusters, meandering string exercises and a few droning passages. Things really get exciting on the sixth track when Mouchous pits her squelching synthesizer against the thunderous blasts emanating from Valdivia. At this point, the players have reached a zenith and seem to have become a single entity. The closing piece, in which the players sound like they're beneath a bird-filled tree, emits a percussive melody that manages to be nuanced enough not to scare the birds away."

Bryon Hayes, Exclaim.ca - july 2010

Listen to track 6 (improv w/ Brandon Valdivia) on Myspace

Gmackrr - Méditative

cd-r on Brise-cul records - winter early 2010

GMACKRR – Méditative part VI-XIII – CDR - Brise-Cul Records

Heisenberg Effect vol.1

3" available in the Distroboto machines

w: Steve Godin & Erin Sexton - fall 08

Gmackrr / Janus Films split

C-30 on LSD OTB

Listen to my side here

Gmackrr - Méditative

cd-r on Brise-cul records - aug 2008

SADE 107 – GMACKRR – Méditative part I-V – CDR
'Everybody in the Montréal circle knows the great person under the moniker of Gmackrr. Emilie M. arrived from France in the Montreal streets a couple of years ago and she performed many fantastic and unique performances with a very great mixture of emotions and great sense of composition. Many of her performance are unique, sometimes with bended toys, laptop or analogue synth. On this long-awaited release on Brise-Cul, mme Mouchous go more on the melodic synth drone side. As the title suggests, Méditative is a collection of melodic analogue meditations to elevate you mind to. When you repeat listening over and over again you will end up being higher near nirvana!' - Brise-Cul Records

Gmackrr - Oscar

7" - edition of 1

So, this is the one 7" ! It's a recording of my toy/instrument Oscar with some extreme pitches. My computer crashed and i lost the digital recording so this is really it !

Gmackrr - Histoires naturelles

cd-r + 16 page booklet of drawing-collages.


3" - DEC 07 - (Le son 666)

Ladies Club is a Montreal-based collective featuring "electronic women".
Our interests include minimal electronics, circuit-bending, synthetics, objects, LFOs, electroacoustics, and radio frequencies.

Artists :

Volume 2:
- Gmackrr
- Hélène Prévost
- Andrea-Jane Cornell
- Myriam Lavoie
- Chantal Dumas
- Cyan

Volume 1 & 2 are available in the Distroboto machines or through the label and artists.


After we met at Bent fest, Chris (On the Rim of the Wheel a Nail) told me about his comp project and asked me to remix one of his songs. It's called "Get yourself a POW if you're in heat - Last Call".

Participating artists from all over the world !!


Go listen/download HERE !!

Gmackrr -

3" - APR 2007 (Distroboto)

2.Homo digestion
3.Radio beam guides girls in blindfold race
4.Dur à dire (listen HERE)
5.La poupée qui rigole
7.Lapin reflux
8.hey why (listen HERE)
9.Course-poursuite (listen HERE)
10.Yamaha wank wank
11.Cool Kids


Silences amplifiés / amplified silences - 2004

These are the first sound pieces I ever made ! It's a concept album based on the amplification and processing of silence.

1. 0'47
2. 5'09
3. 4'02
4. 1'35
5. 3'23
6. 2'07